1. Sync writes, or: Why is my ESXi NFS so slow, and why is iSCSI faster? | FreeNAS Community →

    This post is not specific to ESXi, however, ESXi users typically experience more trouble with this topic due to the way VMware works. When an…

  2. Deploying the vCenter Operations Manager appliance →

    Hampton Roads VMUG got restarted last night with presentations on vCOPS. This is a lead in article detailing install considerations with a link to VMware documentation.

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    Yes, you must pay attention to security!

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    Good article describing a design methodology to apply when using Puppet

  6. Ruby Web Server Oneliner

    Serve up current directory contents with ruby…

    ruby -rwebrick -e 'WEBrick::HTTPServer.new(:Port=>8000, :DocumentRoot=>".").start'

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    Only about 18 percent of American Internet users are active on Twitter, so here are some tips if you’re still new to the microblogging service.

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    Great article on programming design concepts.

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    Current explanations for physical stuff.